The 7th Ludi Saeculares in the roman coinage.

April 27, 2019

The Saecular Games (Ludi Saeculares in latin) were a set of ludic-religious celebrations by which the end of a new century of existence of the Roman civilization was celebrated. This century, saeculum in Latin, had a duration of 110 years: the maximum time that was estimated could live a person.


The decision to celebrate the seventh edition of the Saecular Games in the year 204 was taken during the previous year. Once the priests of the "Council of the Fifteen" defined all the ceremonies (religious and playful) to be carried out, Septimius Severus was informed, obtaining his approval for everything proposed. The following was to communicate the good new to the people by means of an imperial edict, exhorting not only the inhabitants of Rome but also the foreign people to go to the capital of the Empire and participate in the festivities.


Figure 1.- General view of the Flavian amphitheater, universally known as the Coliseum, represented by Giovanni Battista Piranesi in his famous series of engravings “Views of Rome”. Circa 1757.


The purification ceremonies prev