The Celtiberian city of Tamusia and its coinage.

November 15, 2018

The ruins of the Celtiberian town of Villasviejas del Tamuja are located about 3 kilometers from the town of Botija (province of Cáceres, Spain), being able to reach them by a dirt track in good condition. Highlight that great part of its materials and even its structures were reused many years ago for the construction of sheep corrals.

Photo 1.- Ruins of the external enclosure of the “Villasviejas del Tamuja” ancient site.


The site occupies the top of a broad but low hill, whose gentle slopes offer no special advantages from the fortification point of view with the sole exception of its western front: much more rugged due to the Tamuja river stream which flows surrounding its basis.


Photo 2.- Lower (exterior) and upper (interior) enclosures of the city-wall.


Judging by the preserved city-wall remains, mostly collapsed rubble with more than 2 meters thick, the ancient city counted for its defense with two concentric enclosures located at different heights. The spaces located at the foot of the ramparts are completely clogged at present, thus forming a kind of ground retaining walls. It is possible, therefore, to walk along its top: undoubtedly strongly diminished in height.